The EKATA Platform

Ekata is a social platform for individuals, communities, associations, and municipalities. Ekata empowers you with the best of today’s online technologies -- digital tools to help you stay managed, connected, and informed. Whether you want to build a web presence for yourself or your organization, or you simply want a place to connect with others who share your interests and goals, Ekata is the place for you. Welcome!

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You're a social group that shares something in common. Small or large. Local, national, or global. Virtual or geographically based. Your common purpose and identity give you a sense of community. Ekata was built to align with how you wish to relate.


You're a homeowners or condo association, property or land trust, or nonprofit organization. An organized body of people who live or work together to improve your lives or society. Ekata gives you the tools to manage your association’s business, membership, activities and interests.


You're a town, municipality or county. A government institution with incorporated status in a jurisdiction. The Ekata platform has the administrative tools you need to function efficiently and connect with elected officials, staff, and constituents in the 21st century.

Platform Vision


Mark Witham, social entrepreneur and founder of the Ekata platform (Formally known as Basic Income Project), is passionate about empowering others with options to bring about their own social change.

We combine technology, knowledge, and imagination to build better social systems for this planet and future generations. Now we need you! Use the Ekata platform to help create a network for fulfilling lives, communities, and positive social change.


Many Key Features

Group sites for art, music, news, politics, activism, and business.

Social communication through instant messaging, posts, and comments.

Governance of members, staff roles, social forums, and member voting.

Web of trust and a socially responsible currency system.

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More Features

API for building in app and feature integrations.

Open Source.

#BasicIncome Hashtag Banner Campaign

Help Ekata in showing your support for basic income by adding a custom colored #basicincome hashtag banner to your Twitter and Facebook profile photo. Together let us raise awareness!

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Ekata Social LLC

Please feel free to inquire more about the EKATA platform.

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